Roller Ball Pens

Black Walnut Pen

rb black walnut chrome end grain (2) Black Walnut is a hard wood that has a distinctive color and grain pattern.  It is one of my favorite wood to turn because it makes a very beautiful pen. This pen was cut end grain which gives an even more dramatic and elegant feel.
Cost:  $95.00 + ($6.00 SHIPPING)

Curly Maple Pen

rb curly maple crhome Some people call this tiger maple, or flame maple, or curly maple.  I just know that it is one of the most beautiful pieces of wood that you can find and it makes one gorgeous pen.
Cost:  $75.00 + ($6.00 SHIPPING)

Curly Maple/African Black Wood Pen

rb african black wood curly maple chrome This African Black Wood/Curly Maple Combo is incredibly stunning! It screams exotic, unique and chic.
Cost:  $95.00 + ($6.00 SHIPPING)

Curly Maple with Black Walnut Inlay

curly maple black walnut inlay This is a huge favorite of almost everyone who has seen it. Curly maple with a unique black walnut inlay creates a gorgeous pen.
Cost:  $85.00 + ($6.00 SHIPPING)


rb african blood wood curly maple gold I can’t decide which of these two-wood exotic pens I like best. The African Blood Wood has an amazing color which really sets off the Curly Maple. This pen is perfect for the person who likes unusual and extravagant gifts.
Cost:  $95.00 + ($6.00 SHIPPING)


rb black walnut blackout chrome This elegant black walnut pen is perfect for the executive business type. It is simply stunning with it’s violet tinted streaks that shimmer in the light.
Cost:  $95.00 + ($6.00 SHIPPING)


rb walnet gold Walnut has been one of the most prestigious woods in this country.  It has been used for everything form gun stocks to recognition plaques.  It is a durable wood with a deep golden brown color and distinctive straight grain. Walnut makes a very elegant and visually appealing pen.
Cost:  $75.00 + ($6.00 SHIPPING)