PSI Skeleton Pen – Turning an Acrylic Pen

PSI Skeleton Pen – Turning an Acrylic Pen

PSI Skeleton Pen Facebook CommentsFor this week’s episode of Papaw’s Wood Shop, I turned another pen from Craft Supplies USA. This time I am making the PSI Skeleton Key pen. I used the Pen Maker’s Choice Tobacco Marble pen blank and the correct bushing for the Skeleton Key pen. This is one of the most beautiful pens I have made in recent months and it easily has received the most attention on Facebook.

If you are interested in learning how to make this pen watch the YouTube video below.  In this video I go over the steps required to to produce this amazingly beautiful pen.  You can also follow this link to Craft Supplies USA to purchase all of the items used in the video.


Jason Collins turns an acrylic pen. The PSI Skeleton Key pen in 24k gold finish with the Turner’s Select acrylic pean blank in Tobacco color, all from Craft Supplies USA.

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Episode Sponsors: Craft Supplies USA

If you are interested in turning a pen like the one seen in this video, I have included a list below of the pen hardware and items used.

Items used in this video:

PSI Skeleton Key Twist Pen Kit 24k Gold
Part# 1055940001

Pen Makers Choice Acrylic Pen Blank Tobacco Marble
Part# 1005430030

Turners Select Acrylic Finishing 16 Piece Set
Part #1049960001

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